With Love Dinner Series


About the Chef

Jacquesline Walker is passionate about the experience that food provides, and the doorway to conversation and connections that it opens. Through a company built on love, food and therapy, Jacquesline has decided to share her talent in the kitchen with the world. Her passion for cooking comes from the way that food moves people: how dinner parties can lead to new relationships, how new friends become familial over an entree, or the moment sparks fly when a couple shares dessert.

In an ode to her grandmothers, Madge and Jean, Jacquesline shares all of the love they poured into her through their cooking, passing it on to each of her clients with every dish she makes and menu she curates. She believes that good food can make you happy, create memories that last a lifetime, fill you up, and calm your soul. As a full-time, licensed independent clinical therapist in DC, Jacquesline provides clinical services to underserved youth, adults and millennials with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and coping with life transitions. Jacquesline also specializes in assisting millennials of color process racial trauma that may be experienced in both public and private ecosystems.